1. Step 1
    Wrap brace around lower leg just above the ankle joint so it is snug, and the logo is in the middle of the lower leg. Rotate the brace towards the outside of the leg about an inch, where the logo is now at a 45 degree angle and not on the shin bone.
  2. Step 2
    Pull brace up towards the knee on the lower leg so the applied brace becomes more snug, for more support put straps through first loop instead of second.
  3. Step 3
    Pull straps at the same time starting with bottom pair or top pair to desired supportive compression of pressure plate on the muscles for even pressure distribution. Use of first or second loop hole and tighter straps: the more support is given to the user for both preventative and treatment purposes.
Brace2Play Ankle Brace Application


  • ONLY ankle brace that is applied above the ankle joint for prevention, treatment, and reduction of symptoms and healing time
  • ONLY device that remedies chronic ankle instability and loose ligaments. The specific pressure applied through Brace2Play stabilizes the ankle joint while still still allowing full range of motion. What that means is full use of all the muscles associated with the ankle joint. Different from other ankle treatments and preventions which can cause muscle wasting, disuse atrophy, and weakness
  • ONLY brace of its kind that allows full, normal function and range of motion while being used for preventative purposes
  • Shown to increase strength, stability, and range of motion by eliminating and reducing ankle pain
  • Eliminates numbness and tingling because Brace2Play causes no nerve impingement and doesn't compromise the blood supply to the foot or lower leg
  • Easy to put on-and take off- at home or on the field​
100% Neoprene with Airprene built into foam layer for wicking away sweat so brace stays in place with no skin irritation

100% Nylon threading double stitched for extra support and the ability to sustain the forces from the tightness given by the user

Industrial, rectangular tri-glide plastic loops for even pressure distribution and added strength and durability

Four industrial velcro straps, which are used in numerous camping gear applications, that stay in place no matter how tight you pull them and can withstand the tightness you applied to them

Machine washable, just remove the support shank and air dry
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