1. Daulton Albanese League Basketball
      “Brace2Play has taken 100% of the pain away from my ankle injury, I can’t feel any pain”
    2. Andy Malahovskis Recreational Basketball
      “ I love this brace, it feels like nothing ever happened to my ankle”
    3. Dayvohn Braxton League Basketball
      “This brace takes away 90% of all the pain I have from my sprain”
    4. Danny Paschen College Basketball
      "Brace2Play feels great compared to other braces because of the mobility and flexibility it allows. It's very supportive, adjustable, and comfortable because you can leave the shoe on and still apply it"
    5. JoAnn Walls Everyday use/work
      I'm on my feet at work 7-8 hours a day; my ankle doesn't hurt and my pain diminishes when I wear it. On non-working day I'll apply it when my ankle becomes fatigued...going up/down stairs is slow without the brace, and with it stairs easy"
    6. This could be you!
      Give use your Brace2Play experience! What do you use it for, how does it feel, what excites you about it, how is it different from anything else you may or may not have used? Send us an email!

    Do you Brace to Play?

    Who is it good for? Should I buy one?

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    Brace2Play ankle brace is appropriate for everyone! From pro athletes, to high school sports, recreational use, and everyday consumer, there is a use for everyone. Loose ankle joints or lax ligaments? Acute ankle sprains or chronic instability? History of ankle sprains? Even treats shin splints! There are many preventative and and treament uses that come with our ankle brace! 

    Based on a well researched and proven treatment technique within the realm of Physical Therapy, Brace2Play ankle brace reduces the 1-4 months it can take for an ankle sprain to heal based on the proven treatment technique, known as mobilization with movement, which is available only through Brace2Play ankle series products.

    Most common uses: running, walking, jogging, baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, volleyball, soccer, football, lacrosse, tennis, wrestling, raquetball, gymnastics; if you don't see your activity or sport listed here, that doesn't rule you out!
    Treats the signs and symptoms at its source. Brace2Play is the only ankle brace able to instantly eliminate pain when it is applied correctly allowing you to get back to your life and game in real time.

    Interested in team colors or big orders? Email us at and we'll see if we can make it happen!

    Research, References, and Supporting Evidence!

    • The Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group LLC provides great research, insight, and information supporting our ankle brace!

    • Need a visual on how our ankle brace anatomically works on your ankle? Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, FAAOMPT does a great job of breaking everything down for you!
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